IPTables: Filtering by MAC Address

June 29, 2007

If we want filter a MAC in our firewall, we can use IPTables to this. For example, if we want to filter a MAC like 00:12:8D:EE:6E:AB (Must type the MAC with this format -> HH:HH:HH:HH:HH:HH) and deny their access to our Firewall we can put type this:

iptables -A INPUT -m -mac --mac-source 00:12:8D:EE:6E:AB -j DROP

Also, we can use the ! operator, wich inverts the operation, for example, if we type:

iptables -A INPUT -m -mac --mac-source ! 00:12:8D:EE:6E:AB -j DROP

All the packets will be dropped, except the packets from 00:12:8D:EE:6E:AB MAC.


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  1. small talk and direct to the subject, as I like it.
    very well explained.

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