Recovering Unix files in Windows

July 14, 2007

If we’ve a hard drive with some windows and Linux partitions, and we’re running on Windows OS, perhaps we want accede to one Linux partition to recover some data. Don’t worry, that it’s very easy.

Depending on the type of partition we’ve, we must use one of this programs.

  •   Partition: EXT2: R-Linux
  •   Partition: ReiserFS : RSTools
  •   Partition: EXT2, EXT3, ReiserFS: LSTools

Obvious, the last supports all usual Linux partitions. To use this, you can manage it from
a command terminal, but if you hate that,  you could use a GUI, based on Java or .NET. Just install one and follow the user manual.

Also you could manage it from your web browse, probably, the quick and effective form.


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  1. Thanks for article

    for more information about windows and linux support:

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