Setting up a SSH tunnel

July 22, 2007

Hi again!

If we need a through our LAN to use, for example, a protocol which it’s locked by a BOFH 😉 or send some personal data through a insecure protocol, we would use a SSH Tunnel using a SSH client like PuTTy (On win32) or openSSH (*NIX systems).

Ok, We’re in a LAN which 80 port it’s closed and that really sucks!. We’ve the IP of a server without restriction over the 80 port. Then, we’re going to do a tunnel with this server and send the 80 port data encrypted through the SSH port (I suppose this port is open! [Default port 22]).

We must open PuTTy and go to this screen

 After this, we must connect to the server

When we’re connected to the server, we must login in and the tunnel has been stablished 😀

Ok, now we need to say to the internet browser that it needs to connect through the Tunnel, to this, open your favourite browser (Firefox 4ever ;’) ) and open the connection settings. A window like this will be opened.

 If you’ve made all the steps, your SSH Tunnel are running now :D.


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