Adding a NTFS partition to fstab

October 3, 2007

Fstab it’s located in “/etc/fstab”, and it’s a plain text file which contains the information about our disks, and the how they should be mounted in the system.

If you want to add a NTFS partition you must type this:

/dev/hda[X] /mnt/[folder_name] ntfs ro,user,auto,noexec,umask=0 0 0


  • ro = Read Only
  • user = Allow to mount the partition if you’re a limited user
  • auto = This means that the partition will be mounted at the system bootup
  • noexec = You’ll not be able to execute binaries (Highly recommended to Win partitions)
  • “umask=0”  = Means everybody can do everything with the files on the disk [See more]
  • 0(first) = The partition will not be backed up
  • 0 (second) = Put 1 if you want to check that partition with fcsk at the bootup (No necessary to Win)

NOTE: Put to the directory read only permissions with chmod*
Sources: http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html




  1. Thats pretty good thanks but for a couple things:

    On the Linux distros I’ve used, its /media/disk instead of /mnt
    and on some hard drives its sda[partition#]

    • You can mount it where ever you please you can mount it as /ilove/linux for all I care, just make sure you create said folder before it can be mounted there.

      sudo mkdir /ilove/linux

  2. I know this post is old but I have a question. Why it is recommended to mount win partitions as noexec. I don’t think you can get a virus from win in linux, or its for something else

  3. […] that's what it said to do when I Googled it. >.> Is this bad? The instructions I found here say that it allows "everybody to do everything with the files on disk", which I took as […]

  4. […] […]

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