How to: Telnet server

November 24, 2007

Today i’ve done a telnet server in one of my computers… I’m conscious that telnet isn’t a safe way to access a server through, but i just wanted to learn something about this application , furthermore i did it into my LAN. Ok, lets go install it! (You must login as root user)

apt-get install telnetd netkit-inetd

Maybe, the system ask you to install “openbsd-inetd” or “inetutils-inetd, i chose the second and it works fine.

Before this, you should start the server


Now the telnet server is running and you can access it through a telnet cliente like ssh in linux or PuTTy in Windows.

Here we’ve a screen capture of a Telnet login in Ethereal/Wireshark. 😉


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