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Windows XP and WPA2 wireless cipher

December 19, 2007

Finally, i’ve installed DD-WRT in my Fonera :D. After this, i put a WPA2-AES key, but i tried to connect through a Windows XP (SP2) computer and i couldn’t connect!!!

After a google searchs, i found some information about the issue.Basically Windows XP need a patch to support the IEEE 802.11i which had the WPA2 instructions…

Just install it, and reboot your system.

Patch for Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2) on Windows XP

Remember, you must get the patch in your OS language o it will not work.


About “La Fonera”

June 21, 2007

Hi! I received my Fonera some time ago, but i installed it yesterday. The default “La Fonera” firmware doesn’t allow you, to access to their internal Linux, and it sucks! 😉 . Don’t worry i did a simple google search to find the solution … This solution consists to install DD-WRT. What is DD-WRT?, You should maybe read this website []. Basically its a free firmware which bring the chance of use software like Aircrack, use our Fonera like an wireless repeater, and more funny functions.

When i’ve played more with my Fonera i’ll comment here! See u 😉